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The purpose of the Georgian Grande is simple.  It is the blend of Saddlebreds with the draft or Friesian to produce offspring that are the perfect blend resulting in a heavier boned, old fashioned, baroque type saddlebred.

The Georgian Grande has the elegance and noble bearing of the saddlebred, perfectly blended with the size, good bone and calm disposition of the Friesian or draft.  It carries itself with an attitude that eludes description; some call it, “presence, class or style”.  This superior air distinguishes every movement of the Georgian Grande. 

They are extremely versatile and good at multiple disciplines. Their movement is that of upper level dressage. The Georgian Grande also excels in jumping, eventing and driving.  They are known to be dependable, quiet and calm, growing big and staying sound.  These horses possess strength, beauty and a good mind.

The overall impression of the Georgian Grande is one of grandeur, great power yet gentle.  This is a large, impressive horse that commands attention.

I am proud to be the Canadian Representative for the
International Georgian Grande Horse Registry.

Georgian Grande foals offered for sale.

In-utero purchases are also available
Please feel free to contact me for more information about my American Saddlebreds and Georgian Grandes.

Visitors are always welcome. Please call ahead of time so I can put on the coffee!


Betsy Hampton
Located in Eckville Alberta
Phone: 250 802 8827

Photo credits to Amanda Straughan

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